SC 27 Wood

Shelving Systems

In designing the SC 27 shelving system, JANUA has stuck to its clear principles of vertical and horizontal alignment. This furniture in wood is first and foremost characterized by the high quality solid wood from the JANUA collection. The individual shelves are always 2.5 cm thick. The SC 27 shelving system was designed for continuous assembly according to specified dimensions. In standard models, the allocation of space for fixed and variable shelves is pre-set. The standard distance between the shelves is 33 cm. The SC 27 shelf system can be completely dismantled and is designed without a back board as standard. A HPL back board can be added if requested.

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naturholz Korpusmöbel
Shelving Systems / SC 27 Wood

length width height
180 cm 32 cm 2,5 cm
215,5 cm 32 cm 2,5 cm
251 cm 32 cm 2,5 cm
286,5 cm 32 cm 2,5 cm
322 cm 32 cm 2,5 cm