Bernd Benninghoff

Thinking one step further. Exploring new paths. Questioning things with open eyes: Three sentences that put the philosophy of Bernd Benninghoff in a nutshell. With the BB 11 and the BB 31  table, Bernd Benninghoff has created furniture for Janua to date. The table BB 11 is composed of individual wood lamellae held together by two adjustable buckles made of flat steel. Since 2007, Bernd Benninghoff has been teaching design as Professor of Furniture and Interior Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Mainz. With his innovative mindset, he has developed and redefined the design of Janua - we are looking forward to his next ideas.

Tables / BB 31 Connect table
Benches / BB 12 Clamp
Benches / BB 32 Connect
Tables / BB 31 Connect high table
Tables / BB 31 Connect round
Tables / BB 11 Clamp
Outdoor / BB 11 Clamp

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