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    The innate power of nature fuels our inspiration – and yields long-lasting materials to keep us in our element...

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    Robinia wood is the only european wood that can fully replace tropical wood for outdoor use ...

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    To avoid unsightly brown stains, the oak is washed in several steps - an complex mechanical process...

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    Created as a kind of random product, its origin is in the stables of the local farmers. Curious about the reason why oak beams grew so dark ...

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    One example is the refining technique of carbonizing, which would at first glance appear to be a violent attack on the surface ...

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    Matured Timber

    Vintage oak, meticulously repurposed by Janua into furniture with a story to tell ...

Innovation as a feature of German design

The Celts regarded it as sacred, the Teutons dispensed justice under the protection of ist leafy roof—to this day it stands as a symbol of eternity with a life span lasting thirty  enerations: the oak. The mythical cult around this most German of trees is as ancient as its current push into architecture and contemporary design is vehement and sophisticated. Especially when it comes to finding and inventing new surface finishes, oak is once again brought into focus—as if Germany’s furniture designers had recently all been drawn into a current that leads them deep beneath the surface of this once so homely-looking material.