Post   01. 02. 2021

Stone - The source of all things

All our power is drawn from nature: The emerald mountain stream shapes the landscape and releases energy. Deep-rooted trees stand firm against the elements and maintain ecological balance. Mighty rocks offer protection and challenge us to constantly strive for new heights. The innate power of nature fuels our inspiration – and yields long-lasting materials to keep us in our element – even at home. Wood and stone, shaped and refined with water, air and fire. Crafted into furniture by human hand and passion.


Just like wood, stone is one of the oldest materials used by humankind, with an almost infinite choice in terms of colour and characteristics. Natural stone is passion and real, honest handcraft with a long-standing tradition. The story of natural stone at Janua began with our collaboration with the Steininger Family more than 10 years ago – evolving into reliable partners and friends to Janua in the decade since. It is a partnership with a shared passion for furniture design with character.