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    Hoffmann & Kahleyss

    Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss both studied industrial design in Kiel. After working in various well-known design offices, the two met in the studio of Peter Maly ...

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    Bernd Benninghoff

    Thinking one step further. Exploring new paths. Questioning things with open eyes: Three sentences that put the philosophy of Bernd Benninghoff in a nutshell. With the BB 11 table ...

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    Stefan Knopp

    Furniture by Stefan Knopp is a real experience: In his pieces, the natural aura of the wood unites with the unique surface treatment to create a ...

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    Günter Neunzig

    The creative lateral and dissident thinker Günther Neunzig permanently pushes the boundaries of any design discipline.

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    Kressel & Schelle

    Industrial designers Jonas Kressel and Ivo Schelle met while they were studying for an M.A. in industrial design in Kiel. In 1992, they founded a design studio , kressel + schelle design ...

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    Claus P. Seipp

    As one of four directors of one of the most successful and prestigious furniture stores in southern Germany, it seems only logical that Claus Peter Seipp would also plan and ...

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    Sophia Cassina Seipp

    With her modern interpretation of tête-à-tête furniture, Sophia Cassina Seipp made a splash right from her first piece of furniture: The S 900 “Gesellig” bench immediately won the ...

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    Norbert Bergmann

    B.IRON - Is his synonym, thinking backwards to move forward, Norbert Bergman the co-owner of An interior design firm and architecture firm...

Third-party designers for Janua

Since its inception, team collaboration has come first at Janua. This includes third party designers: New ideas and views from the outside have always been the key to healthy growth and development. Our success speaks for itself: Tables like the BB 11 Clamp, the S 600 and the SK 01 Monolith, with its extremely natural surface treatment, are highly popular among our customers. This success also applies to the BC 01 sideboard, BB 21 Strap shelving or the S 900 bench. This is furniture from a range of designers, with unique personalities, but who speak a common language: Janua. They favour natural materials, focus on their work and think long term.