Sophia Cassina Seipp

With her modern interpretation of tête-à-tête furniture, Sophia Cassina Seipp made a splash right from her first piece of furniture: The S 900 “Gesellig” bench immediately won the Interior Innovation Award 2012 from the prestigious German Design Council. It is as versatile as it is simple and thus meets the essential criteria of Janua`s design language. Coming from a family with a long tradition in the furniture industry, Sophia Cassina Seipp was confronted with design from an early age. After various interdisciplinary internships, she gained inspiration during her interior design studies in Stuttgart, Chicago and Florence. She explains her fascination with furniture design as follows: “The home is becoming more and more important as a place of retreat for people. The great thing is that I´m doing this with interior design and furniture design and can thus do both with great enthusiasm.” Our cooperation with Sophia Cassina Seipp underlines Janua`s commitment to emerging talent.

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