Post   20. 06. 2016

About Janua

The Janua brand has existed since 2005. Since then, our passion for the real thing has informed our actions. Our company philosophy is not bound by rules - it is based on values. Janua furniture does not follow trends; its timelessness lifts it above the mediocre. The story of our craft business is one of success: Our collection is not available from every single retailer - but you certainly will find it at 300 of the top locations in Europe. In the past twelve years, we have continued to develop. Dynamically, but with a calm hand. We don’t have to convince you of our quality and sustainability ó our furniture speaks for us. We have done everything we can to ensure that our customers are not just satisfied but enthusiastic - and not just in the short term. Continuous growth, an ever-more comprehensive range and eye-catching innovations characterize the lively development of Janua to the present day. This is due to over 50 employees and independent collaborators who go to great lengths with their boundless desire to make a fan of every customer.


What is special about our furniture? It makes hearts beat faster.

Tables, benches, beds, cabinets and shelves - the most basic items of furniture shape our living spaces in fundamental ways. They accompany us at every step of the way and influence our view of everyday life. For Janua, this is a clear mandate: We give our all ó to create furniture that isn’t just in the room. That isn’t just beautiful. We build furniture you’ll fall in love with again and again. Furniture by Janua is born out of a passion for the new. Our attention to detail is evident. Once you’ve brushed your hand across our natural, limed or oiled wooden surfaces, you’ll know how sensual living can be. As people, nothing touches us more than something that reflects our inner vision. That is why we take our customers’ ideas about perfect furniture to heart. As a small but beautiful furniture manufacturer, we face the challenges of tailor-made series production every day. We deliver reliable, high-precision work and at the same time breathe life in-to your individual dreams. From this perspective, the 2017 collection from JANUA is a declaration of love for modern living with traditional values.