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    Massive wood is the material that distinguishes Janua furniture the most. Among timbers like oak there are also special timbers like vintage oak, smoaked oak or surfaces by Stefan Knopp ...

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    Steel and Aluminium

    Crude steel natural finisch, stainless steel, anodized aluminium and our RALColours black and traffice white powder finish offer a wide range for the equipment of our furniture&hellip

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    In addition to burr wood and HPL we also use natural stones like marble or granite. Surfaces such as Rainforest Brown, Balck & Gold or Rosso Lepanto are available ...

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    We use leather of the highest quality for the production of our upholstery. Basically we differentiate in some groups of leather: Orient, Sahara and Opium ...

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    Regarding fabrics we have a selcetion of Steiner fabrics like Bergen, Schladming, Arosa or Dachstein and we also supply over 70 patterns oft he Kvadrat fabrics Steelcut Trio and Canvas ...

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    Janua and Freifrau - an ideal team for the best interaction. Going outside together opens up new horizons. Unlimited fun for indoors and outdoors ..

Materials at Janua

The types of wood used in the Janua collection are dried, stored and traded regionally through our trusty long-term partner Michael Kriwet. Certification plays a secondary role for us, as certificates are not always traceable to the source. Instead, we rely on close connections and short distances in our timber procurement and purchase as regionally as possible. We know our suppliers personally and look into the origins of our goods. Smaller, often highly sustainable companies are not always able to obtain certification. Buying timber is a matter of trust and this level of trust can only be gained over years or even generations. At least in part, we buy individual trees that had to been felled by the wind or due to construction measures. These are rarely supplied to the high-quality timber market, as it is not profitable for large producers to use these individual trees. Many of our precious monolithic trunks were recovered individually and with great effort.