Stefan Knopp

Furniture by Stefan Knopp is a real experience: In his pieces, the natural aura of the wood unites with the unique surface treatment to create a very distinctive effect. The natural grain of the wood is not only preserved, but brought out even more through the surface finishing. Guided by the desire to give a beautiful entity form, Stefan Knopp has been exploring the creative possibilities of colour and materials for more than 20 years. This gives rise to new unique pieces that will win you over with their pure design, including natural lines, cracks and edges.

Coffee and Sidetables / SK 02 Cube
Coffee and Sidetables / SK 03 Coffeetable
Tables / SK 01 Monolith®
Tables / SK 04 Komposit®
Tables / SK 08 Butterfly®
Outdoor / SK 04 Komposit®

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