Post   09. 01. 2020

Edition Outdoor

The Robinia is ecologically-friendly, trendy wood from Europe. Robinia wood, also called false acacia, is the only European wood that can completely replace tropical wood for outdoor use. It is in no way inferior in its properties to the resistant tropical woods and, generally speaking, even surpasses them. European Robinia forests can be managed sustainably and nature can regenerate again and again. The sourcing of tropical wood, whether from the original rainforest or from plantations, cannot compete in terms of sustainability.

Robinia wood — designed by mother nature over millions of years on durability.



"Everything that is against nature will not last in the long run." (Charles Darwin)

Sustainable forest management means that no more is taken from the forest than will grow back. In Europe, forests are managed according to this principle. In some countries such as Austria, the forest area even increases naturally. In tropical forests, sustainable forestry is difficult and very expensive. In addition, here are high transport costs for tropical timber to Europe. The rainforest is a complex ecosystem with a unique diversity of species and is home to countless animals, plants and indigenous peoples. A green universe that we should respect and preserve in the long term. Therefore Janua on the European Robinia wood, also called acacia.