Post   12. 01. 2019

Experience the power of nature virtually

Houses and Apartments, Offices and Hotels, Restaurants and Studios: Everything can be set up. But we at Janua can do more - and have recently embarked on an adventure that does not exist in the furniture industry so far: with our 360 ° VR experience, we are taking you into a new reality with a great future. Become part of our passion that drives us every day and transforms the elemental power of nature into furniture with character. Our VR project tells the stories about it. The ones before, behind and next to them too. We do not just look all around - we look ahead! 

See wood with new eyes

Virtual declaration of love for the oldest material in the world - Always on the lookout for innovations far removed from the mainstream, the 360 ° VR experience hits the nerve of Janua: It's crazy and crazy! On the virtual journey, we put our passion for wood together with the three Janua-specific surface finishes coal, smoking and waste wood into exciting stories - and tell them in the most seductive places between Salzburg and southern Upper Bavaria.You are ready to travel? Well then go - and into the common adventure!



Customer magnet with wow effect

Broad-based VR campaign promotes fame - Janua's 360 ° VR experience brings more customers to your business. Coupled with a compelling campaign - from classic advertising material to press relations for various channels and formats, to video-making-ofs and viral marketing measures - the project gains public attention. And awakens desires. After all, only products that are perceived through cleverly-sustainable advertising strategies spark customers' desire to buy.