Post   09. 01. 2019

The new Edition Vintage Oak N ° 1

Janua transforms oak planks from demolition barns into character-strong furniture. Confidently works out cracks, taps and wormholes. The more robust the look, the more convincing the overall impression: elegant, with modern chic - and technically fully developed. The new lightness lets forget the massiveness of former oak furniture, reminiscent of the overflowing Zen style rather than of pine parlor and rustic snack bar.

Grown for three lives

In nature, becoming and passing are allowed without restriction. Wood is subject to the cycle of life: the tree is in the forest - its first life cycle. In the second, the tree becomes a house, offering shelter to people. With furniture made from recycled wood, Janua heralds the third lifecycle of a tree, composing, for example, a table - and with it the new center of a home. Janua breathes old new life and gives overhauled a contemporary function.