Post   14. 04. 2019

The new surfaces of Edition Stefan Knopp

"No piece of wood is like the other," says Stefan Knopp. "No two tables are the same. With every step of my surface treatment I want to make the individual, the characteristic features of the material visible. With the charcoal I burn something, with the washing I lift the structure again and finally I bring it into contact with the metal pigments with something new. I give the material a new dimension. "

Charcoal and washing -

a fusion of fire and water

Knopp and Hansen: two names, two techniques, one vision. And one question: what is possible if experts can exchange their knowledge, their secret ingredients and suddenly break new ground with the know-how of the other?

The answer is three new surfaces, which will be presented in the "Edition Stefan Knopp" for Janua. On the one hand, there is the pure washed surface, which gives the oak a bright look reminiscent of naturally washed out driftwood.

On the other hand, there are two versions in which real-wood pigments - gold and graphite - are washed into the previously cooled and washed wood. The material treated in this way acquires a completely new surface that represents a complete market novelty from the visual to the haptic experience.



Are we still talking about the table or long ago? If a surface manages to remind us of the essential in everyday life - to be free from the new and the unfamiliar, to see imperfection as a strength and to recognize the benefits of aging - then we not only live, we live.