BN 01 B.iron without backrest


The BN 01 B.iron seating and corner bench expands its range with a special outdoor version. This opens up the possibility of placing the bench as a new focal point, even outdoors. The versatility of the seating and corner bench is emphasized by the thoughtful design, which allows for creative freedom in customization. The bench can stand freely and thus be used as a room divider, or outdoors as a design element for terraces, gardens, or lounges. A standout feature is its modularity, allowing the BN 01 B.iron Outdoor seating and corner bench to be tailored to individual preferences. The bench is available in various versions, including with back & wedge cushions, without a back, or with back and decorative cushions.

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naturholz Korpusmöbel
Outdoor / BN 01 B.iron without backrest

Wood Outdoor

  • naturholz Korpusmöbel

    Brushed chestnut (Shade marone)

  • naturholz Korpusmöbel

    Brushed chestnut (Shade ash)

  • naturholz Korpusmöbel

    Brushed chestnut (Shade sand)

Steel Outdoor

  • naturholz Korpusmöbel

    RAL 9005 deep black powder coated

  • naturholz Korpusmöbel

    RAL 9002 grey white powder coated

  • naturholz Korpusmöbel

    Double Brand Colour Bronze glaze

length width height
160 cm 65 cm 27 cm
180 cm 65 cm 27 cm
200 cm 65 cm 27 cm
220 cm 65 cm 27 cm
240 cm 65 cm 27 cm
270 cm 65 cm 27 cm
300 cm 65 cm 27 cm
330 cm 65 cm 27 cm